New Delhi: In Delhi’s Khirki Village, live young boys named Frizak and Akshay. Both have found their voice through Rapping. Not coming from privileged backgrounds, their raps are mostly about issues that plague their part of the world. When the raps get serious they also write about softer themes like love.   

Sabeela Rasheed/Vatsala Singh New Delhi: There are several ghettos in and outside Delhi. These ghettos are primarily Muslim dominated. The area of Okhla and Batla House, is known as Mini Pakistan. Why Mini Pakistan? What do its residents have to say?

New Delhi: Named to make a statement against the ‘slum dogs’ of the Academy Award winning film fame, the Slum Gods are an interesting bunch of b-boying youngsters, rappers and breakers, for whom breaking a leg is a serious business.  

Uzair Rizvi / Sheikh Saaliq / Vatsala Singh New Delhi, 17 Feb: Inside Jamia Polytechnic campus, on the other end, there is a large iron gate. It is heavily entangled with barbed wires. Children not more than 11 year old stand behind this gate. Through the small holes they sell cigarettes. From Classic, Gold Flake to […]

    The last foreign language to hold sway in India is English, which to this day continues to play a prominent role in Indian life. English replaced Persian as the official language in 1837, though Persian and, to a lesser extent, Hindi were retained in some capacity at the lower levels of administration. English […]

In Chandrapriya Society of Rohini Sector – 8, there are six security guards. They are all from Nepal and live in a small one room. They have left their families back home. Out of the small income they save a little and send it back to their families. They have each other for support and […]